The Penultimate Denarians episode. Only one more after this.. Enjoy.

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The current storyline is winding down. This is possibly the penultimate episode..


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The party has split up – completely. Each character off fighting their own problem..

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The crew is getting close to the end of this arc. And they have decided to talk with a "little G" god

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The Crew talks with Phillip Winsor and the pieces of the puzzle start to fall together..

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Time to talk to Philip Windsor - which would be easy if it wasn't for Echo and Thorn

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A call and an office visit - plus.. a bit of surgery

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Time to question a Denarian


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A visit to Brother Francis and a rambling discussion


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Will the party ever join back up again? 

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The crew is getting close to London - but there is a small problem...

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The London rescue mission continues..

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The journey to rescue London has begun

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An unexpected surprise near the end of the episode..


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The beginning of our exploration of Blades in the Dark

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CCC - Crew and Character Creation (Because Thomas loves alliteration) 

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Tomin find some interesting and scary information. And a crazy idea or two is put into action

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Is it possible? Will Jay actually be able to cross off his "Bring the Squad back together" aspiration?

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Are they in a new world? A pocket dimension? A Numenera created fabrication? One thing is for certain, things can’t get any stranger then they are now…. Right?

Actual Play starts 28:18

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The Crew almost had everything under control and then the Red Cloaks showed up. Now what? Run? Confront them? Or… is there another way?

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