Final Episode of The Heretic! Next Episode, review of D&D and this adventure, and then questions from listeners 

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A solution is found, is it killing the oponnent or

Well, we are who we are so..

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The final room? The final battle? Not the final episode :)


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The crew must explore deeper into crypt. Will they find what they were sent to find?

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We are done recording the adventure, but haven't released them all yet.

Don't hesitate to send us questions, comments and statements on the adventure and the podcast. If you do send feedback, there is a good chance you'll get to create a character for one of our adventures - Dresden? DnD? Blades in the Dark?  Your call

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Ok, NOW we are fighting undead, and hopefully one of us won't die

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A ghost in a room, whatever shall we do..
Probably not what you think
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The first battle in the goal of our journey
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Multiple doors and so many ghosts
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The desert trip end. Is that a giant? And is this door even worse than the giant?
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Political discussion with an Orcish tribal leader. This will go well.

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Traveling through the desert and discussing how to deal with an orcish tribe, and then we seem them

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The final leg of the journey, has begun. The Fists of Amira assignment is almost complete. What could possible go wrong?

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The final journey begins, right after a discussion with a not so nice half-orc

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