Copseshire, a small village with a bit problem..

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Short break in the journey to a foreign country. Bit of a resupply and rest

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The crew continues the journey. Stopping at a crossroad to spend the evening


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The battle end, some die and some are saved

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Is it a nightmare or a deadly battle?

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Gabrielle sings an amazing song to inspire the troops


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An unexpected confrontation needs to be resolved

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The required shopping episode


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The Fist of Amira is given their first mission, and their journey begins


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A Celebration for the characters becoming members of the Fist of Amira.

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The first adventure in the DnD story - The Heretic. Taking place in the world of Ember's Reach

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Wasn't Ready for Mr. Noose to Show Up The final episode of the Denarian storyline.


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The Penultimate Denarians episode. Only one more after this.. Enjoy.

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The current storyline is winding down. This is possibly the penultimate episode..


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The characters are split and doing their best to save their loved ones..


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The party has split up – completely. Each character off fighting their own problem..

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