The crew is getting close to the end of this arc. And they have decided to talk with a "little G" god

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Direct download: 463_This_Isnt_Even_My_Timeline.mp3
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The Crew talks with Phillip Winsor and the pieces of the puzzle start to fall together..

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Direct download: 462_Rare_That_He_Finds_An_Idea_Thats_Not_His.mp3
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Time to talk to Philip Windsor - which would be easy if it wasn't for Echo and Thorn

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Direct download: 461_A_Little_Too_Stoned_TodayDFRPG_.mp3
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A call and an office visit - plus.. a bit of surgery

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Direct download: 460_DFRPG_The_Humans_I_Can_Take_Em_or_Leave_Em.mp3
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Time to question a Denarian


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Direct download: 459_DFRPG_You_Didnt_Summon_a_Fn_Angel_for_Me.mp3
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A visit to Brother Francis and a rambling discussion


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Direct download: 458_DFRPG_In_1892_it_was_New.mp3
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The last of the downtime scenes. Next week, back to the adventure!

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Direct download: 457_DFRPG_Crotch_Rocket.mp3
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Downtime part 2 - Roberto / Ethan and then Allan

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Direct download: 456_DFRPG_Im_A_Wizard_Exhaustion_is_Tuesday.mp3
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Downtime - episode 1 - London and Reppa recover from the terrible wounds

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Direct download: 455_DFRPG_You_Couldnt_Exists_If_I_Didnt_Exist.mp3
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Lost Episode recap with some AP..

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Direct download: 454_DFRPG_Sweet_Didgeridoo.mp3
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The Crew is together and fighting an epic battle. Will they live? Will they kill? Will they escape? Visit us at

Direct download: 453_DFRPG_I_Immediately_Pop_Like_a_Balloon.mp3
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The crew is finally back together, but will they all survive ?

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Direct download: 452_DFRPG_Its_Not_Intimidate_its_Infuriate.mp3
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Will the party ever join back up again? 

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Direct download: 451_DFRPG_Human_Lives_are_Sacred_Even_Londons.mp3
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The crew is getting close to London - but there is a small problem...

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Direct download: 450_DFRPG_All_the_Beatles_are_There.mp3
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The London rescue mission continues..

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Direct download: 449_DFRPG_Youre_A_Knight.mp3
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The journey to rescue London has begun

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Direct download: 448_DFRPG_Ive_Killed_3_of_the_People_in_This_Room.mp3
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An unexpected surprise near the end of the episode..


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Direct download: 447_DFRPG_Im_Not_Going_To_Manifest_as_a_Ken_Doll.mp3
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A visit with Brother Frances ends in a battle


Direct download: 446_DFRPG_RobertoMobile.mp3
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Ghost form Allan returns to his house and has to deal with an old competitor from his past. Or at least Roberto deals with him…

Direct download: 445_DFRPG_Quiet_Human_The_Wizards_are_Talking.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 12:59pm EDT

We return to Dresden Files! 

Denarian is the beginning of the end of the long running story line.  By beginning, I mean its the first of the ending trilogy arcs. So plenty of episodes to go..



Direct download: 444_DFRPG_Not_Security_but_Obscurity.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:12pm EDT

The finish to the second one shot of Blades in the Dark (I'm sure we will return..) 

Next.. Dresden returns!

Direct download: 443_BitD_Wait_Thats_Why_Hes_Called_Bridges.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:40pm EDT

Another Blades in the Dark, because a different player is missing - oh boy...

Direct download: 442_BitD_Try_Turning_it_off_and_on_Again.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:56pm EDT

An interesting solution to a dangerous problem.

Direct download: 441_BitD_Usefully_Awkward.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:20pm EDT

Quick side strip back into the Blades in the Dark setting - since we are missing a player and can't start Dresden without him

Direct download: 440_BitD_Stuff_a_Ghost_Into_a_Machine.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:39pm EDT

The final episode of this arc of the Black Frost story line

Direct download: 439_DnD_Not_To_Interrupt_You_But.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:00pm EDT

The boarders jump the the RedJay and the battle begins

Direct download: 438_DnD_Throw_Another_Body_on_the_Fire.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:48pm EDT

The crew takes to the sky and it seems they are being followed..

Direct download: 437_DnD_Bardic_Berating.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:46pm EDT

The fight is over, and the questioning begins

Direct download: 436_DnD_Never_Tell_Me_the_Odds.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:39pm EDT

Switch to DnD and start with a chase and possible combat

Direct download: 435_DnD_Im_Playing_Maxwell_Again.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:00pm EDT

The investigation begins. Murders in the neighborhood, bodies and heads and they don't match..

Join me in listening to on April 25th on 3pm EST or 2pm Central 


Direct download: 434_DnD_Reds_Dead_Baby_Reds_Dead.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:34pm EDT

How the RedJay was damaged and how we became "owners"


Direct download: 433_DnD_I_Will_Allow_It.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:37pm EDT

The beginning of the DnD adventure Black Frost

Direct download: 432_DnD_OSHA_Would_Not_Approve.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:14pm EDT

Character creation and setting defining.

(Yes, I know we started in Savage Worlds and this says DnD - we switched over after a bit..)


Direct download: 431_DnD_Midwife_of_Death.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:30pm EDT

AI - left in charge of the Earth and dealing with issues..

Direct download: 430_Dialect_Big_Data_Dump.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:41pm EDT

We try out a new game (to us) Dialect from Thorny Games.

One evening - two to three episodes :) 


Direct download: 429_Dialect_Cuddle_Robots.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 5:37pm EDT

Blades in the Dark Review

Direct download: 428_BitD_Blades_In_the_Dark_Review.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:33pm EDT

The final episode of the current Blades in the Dark story line.

Oh, don't worry, I imagine we will return for a few episodes here and there. 


Direct download: 427_BitD_But_He_Is_Our_Dumbarse.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:23pm EDT

Penultimate Blades in the Dark episode..

Direct download: 426_BitD_The_Squid_Eats_Better_Than_I_Do.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:04pm EDT

Flashback, story telling and how the players met. And the worlds worse fight scene - ever

Direct download: 425_BitD_Foist_a_Fast_Hoist.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 4:34pm EDT





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