Will the Warden turn in the 3 Stoogies (suprisngly not Roberto) or will he find a way to avoid spilling his guts to an authority figure.

Yeah.... right.

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Let’s get down and we’re doing it without the Mad Wizard Merwin. That’s right. I went to my very deep bench to grab some friends to talk about what D&D means to them. I have Mark, Tom, and Brett to help me out, get down, and spin some wonderful tales about family and gaming. So get in and get down and lets go kill some monsters

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The Crew is back and someone is in trouble, someone did something they shouldn’t have, something rash and impulsive that may get them in a LOT of trouble. And it wasn’t Roberto…

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Demon infestations are getting worse. Roberto is wondering if he needs more power.. The other trio is busy recovering from a night of mischief, but there is never time for rest. 


Actual Play Starts 13:32

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The big guns are elsewhere and the trio of intrepid adventurers decide that they can do this on their own.

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