Happy Holidays and welcome to the Streets of Avalon, an urban city actual play created and DMed by Brett B who puts the B in Gaming and BS, with Tom Flanagan of the Knights of the Night, Kevin Lovecraft – the glue of MMP and G&BS, Chris Sniezak of MMP, and Emily Morgan of She’s a Super Geek. Enjoy and please, provide feedback as we’re learning and going to get better at this as we move forward.

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So what happens when the narrator crowd sources the group for a Doom card - oh then it gets real good.. 

Actual Play Starts 2:56



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All players are in attendance and the Mad Duke must be dealt with!

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Parvana and Amos deal with The Mad Duke,  while C6 and Weston maneuver against Sir Targent Cross III.

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The 2nd session of Night of the Ardent Mask. The Ball is interrupted by a scream..

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The 2nd half of our first playing sessions.

In the feedback we mention the playest at Acadecon. Hydro Hackers - find it at http://www.encodeddesigns.com/h2o/

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The adventure begins - listen in.

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The Gang finishes up the Character Build. - Game time next week!

Character building time - part 1 (Sorry had to break it into two parts)

Also - this is a different theme song, join the facebook fan page to vote on which is better, this one or the one before 297..

The Gang gets together and talks about the world then want to play in, and the House they all want to belong to.

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Final discussion on Echoes

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Listeners ask questions - KotN Answers them!

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The final episode of Echoes. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Send your questions in, for the after adventure Q&A!

Clockwork Dominion is up next!


Actual Play Starts 13:05

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The penultimate episode of the Echoes story line. London loses some serious geek cred


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The attack on the Dome continues. And London deals with his greatest enemy - EVER

Actual Play begins 16:59

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The assault on the Dome begins...

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Almost all the Allies and even some Enemies have signed up to help. Just a few more..

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I love how this episode is bookended by Roberto and London – almost the same scene but oh so very different


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Planning time over, time to gather the troops! Everyone must be convinced to chip in. I’m sure Roberto will be able to smooth talk everyone into helping – right?

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Sorry about the quality on this one - the ocean is loud and this was recorded while at the beach in NC with the family.
Staring two young, up and coming role players. 

Kotn Next Gen! 

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The Card reading if over, not time to discuss what it means and how that works into the plan 

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It takes all 5 of the players to fill in for Zelda (it's Tarot card reading time).


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Will the Warden turn in the 3 Stoogies (suprisngly not Roberto) or will he find a way to avoid spilling his guts to an authority figure.

Yeah.... right.

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Let’s get down and we’re doing it without the Mad Wizard Merwin. That’s right. I went to my very deep bench to grab some friends to talk about what D&D means to them. I have Mark, Tom, and Brett to help me out, get down, and spin some wonderful tales about family and gaming. So get in and get down and lets go kill some monsters

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The Crew is back and someone is in trouble, someone did something they shouldn’t have, something rash and impulsive that may get them in a LOT of trouble. And it wasn’t Roberto…

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Demon infestations are getting worse. Roberto is wondering if he needs more power.. The other trio is busy recovering from a night of mischief, but there is never time for rest. 


Actual Play Starts 13:32

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The big guns are elsewhere and the trio of intrepid adventurers decide that they can do this on their own.

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Exactly how amoral is London? Does he even think about why something is wanted? Who he’s taken it from? Why is it so guarded? Has the group passed taught him nothing? What do you think?

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Small crew this week (and next) - as 4 members of the crew head off to rest.. yeah, that happened.



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Is there a spy in the group? Is the world coming to an end? Will London ever stop humming Air Supply? Give a listen to find out.

Actual Play - 5:10


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Imps, imps everywhere. Can the crew contain them?


Actual Play begins 27:41


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Roberto REALLY wants to go to hell. Why won't they let him?

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The group gets a moment to compare notes and catch there breath, in this rare London free episode.

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R & R babysit (Roberto and Reppa watch London's daughter) while the rest of the crew visit the Arbiter to get the verdict

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London and his daughter spend some quality time. And Roberto has been talking to Demons.. or Angels

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Time to ask some questions to the demon - and who better to ask the questions than Roberto?


Actual Play Starts 21:39

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In this episode Roberto is left alone with a possessed Maxwell, who is restrained in the interrogation room of "A Detective Agency"...


Actual Play starts 10:41


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Zelda and the Warden go on an adventure..


Actual Play begins 4:14

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Does it still count as inter-party conflict when one of them is controlled by a demon?

Actual Play starts 7:36

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Bodies to take care of and a few of them containing demons. What to do, what to do..

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It's rumble time. A fight that pits the group against a crowd of cultist. It's go time

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Roberto and Maxwell have slain the satanic puppies. But.. the night isn't over just yet.

Actual Play starts 12:07

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It may start out a bit slow, but Roberto and Maxwell take care of that

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Part two of week 2. Research! and who better to research than the calm level headed Roberto?

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Week 2 of the game play starts. Past decisions have  consequences.

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We start the Dresden Files Story Arc - Passages.

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Week two of the world / character building - this time with more Rachel / Zelda!

Next week.. Game on!

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We take a look at the state of the Dresden Universe in Cleveland - as we left it in the Rituals story line. Listen in as we discuss ideas and possible plot points.

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The Final Episode of the Clockwork Dominion Adventure. Thank you Zeke from running the game for us. Hope you had at least half as much fun as we did!

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The second act of the Incident Aboard the Egret .

There will be a third!

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The start of the Clockwork adventure. The adventures climb aboard an airship. What is Steampunk without a zeplin?

First edit job done by Mark! Thanks Mark!


Actual Play Starts 17:38


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Questions from the Listeners and answers from the Players / DM.


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