All right, back to RPG time. I believe that we left off with Dally and the Dwarves perched on the edge of a ditch…. gully…. gulch? Well, whatever it is, we are about to peek over it and see what’s or who is making all this noise.


Actual Play: 25:26

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Con on the Cob kept us busy, but it also gave us a chance to meet some amazing people and play some amazing games. Join us as we interview one of those people about one of those games..

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Can the group make it through a nights rest without something disturbing them? Don't be silly!

Actual Play 08:57

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The battle is over. Time to brag, pick over the loot and figure out what our next move is.

And then move!

Actual Play starts 10:30

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The full group joins into the battle. Who gets the first kill? Who takes the most damage and who catches the most javelins

Actual Play starts 20:03


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