The end of the Heart of Flame adventure. Still time to get in some questions to the players and the dm. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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The penultimate episode of Heart of Flames. The crew continues to take it to the enemy. Will it continue to go smoothly, all the way to the end?


Actual Play 04:19

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And the battle is full force and two of the players SHINE!


Actual Play starts 6:53


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The battle begins - and who is this we are fighting??

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We return to 5E and the pending battle.

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Half the crew is still sick but this time it includes the GM! What is a RPG group to do? Play a one-shot you say? But.. the members who ARE here hate one-shots, they prefer to play established characters. Is there a solution? Will the one-shot truly be a one-shot?!? Listen and find out.


Actual Play: 12:19


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Half the crew is sick, but we soldier on. There are puzzles to solve, doors to open.


Actual Play Starts 6:56



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We are at the farm, what shall we find there?  Friends? Foes? Nothing?


AP starts 5:24

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All right, back to RPG time. I believe that we left off with Dally and the Dwarves perched on the edge of a ditch…. gully…. gulch? Well, whatever it is, we are about to peek over it and see what’s or who is making all this noise.


Actual Play: 25:26

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Con on the Cob kept us busy, but it also gave us a chance to meet some amazing people and play some amazing games. Join us as we interview one of those people about one of those games..

Direct download: 246_Interview_Clockwork_Dominion.mp3
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Can the group make it through a nights rest without something disturbing them? Don't be silly!

Actual Play 08:57

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The battle is over. Time to brag, pick over the loot and figure out what our next move is.

And then move!

Actual Play starts 10:30

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The full group joins into the battle. Who gets the first kill? Who takes the most damage and who catches the most javelins

Actual Play starts 20:03


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Battle? Actual combat? Well… dice are rolled, blood is spilled, steam is…. released

Direct download: 242_DnD_5E_These_Magely_Hands.mp3
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Part 2 of our first DnD 5E night. We find our who is making all that noise and then discover an interesting mystery.

Actual Play starts 6:30


Direct download: 241_DnD_5E_Bury_The_Lead.mp3
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Given an intentionally insulting mission, the clan runehammer sets out to check on a Farm. We hear they brew ale there as well..


Actual Play starts 11:26

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It’s game time! – A gathering of dwarves (and a gnome), some political maneuvering and a clock work spider. Let’s do this 

Actual Play starts 19:55

Direct download: 239_DnD_5E_Pope_of_Rocks.mp3
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The world is created, and now it's time to make the characters. Listen in on the fun.

Direct download: 238_DnD_5E_Fondly_Tolerated.mp3
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Ok, here is the REAL epsisode 237. The Dungeon & Dragon 5th Edition World build episode.  Halfling Nationalists unite!!

Direct download: 237_DnD_5E_Go_Full_Paladin.mp3
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We haven't faded - we are just running through a bit of a rough spot...

Direct download: 237_WoD_KotN_Sorry.mp3
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Part two of the listeners questions and Sin Eater Wrap up. Questions are asked and answered.

Direct download: 236_WoD3_KotN_Sin_Eater_Wrapup2_OR_what_is_is.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:28pm EDT

The adventure has ended and now it's time to ask the players questions. 


This is part one - there is still time to submit questions for part 2.

Direct download: 235_WoD3_KotN_Sin_Eater_Wrapup_OR_That_Pesky_4th_Dimension.mp3
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The final episode of the Sin Eater storyline. Enjoy.

Direct download: 234_WoD3_KotN_See_You_in_80_Years.mp3
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One member of the S.I.R.E.N crew loses their cool and bad things happen.. 

Direct download: 233_WoD3_KotN_The_Gun_Was_Persuasive.mp3
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S.I.R.E.N tries to get throught the door - really we do - I blame the storyteller... 

Direct download: 232_WoD3_KotN_Hell_is_a_Land_without_Marbles.mp3
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S.I.R.E.N vs 3 ghost brats - in two different time periods - Can they re-unite?


Direct download: 231_WoD3_KotN_Cheaty_Cheater_Pants.mp3
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One of the crew makes it through the gate, and then another. Will they all? Does it really matter? 


Direct download: 230_WoD3_KotN_The_Knife_is_Pissed.mp3
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The AP is back! (even if Rachel and Jim are missing). Part 2 of the evening session where we attempt to get to the gate.

And check out our friends kickstart at


Direct download: 229_WoD3_KotN_Standard_Ghost_Door.mp3
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The AP is back! (even if Rachel and Jim are missing). The crew is racing to the gate, hoping it will "fix" them before they all fade away.. But there is this little problem of a few ghosts.


Direct download: 228_WoD3_KotN_Killed_That_Kid_Good_Boss.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:33pm EDT

Talk and more talk. We discuss all things RPG and more.

Direct download: 227_RT_KotN_Round_Table_Night.mp3
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Does it count as the party being together if they are in the same place, but 80 or 90 years apart?

Direct download: 226_WoD3_KotN_Oh_But_I_DO_Mind.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:52pm EDT

Once again the party is split, but this.. this is a little more serious. Can the non-corporeal members of the group find a way to a more substantial state?  Can the odd couple of Silverbell and Dr. Clay find a way to help, or will they just argue while their friends suffer?



Direct download: 225_WoD3_KotN_Think_Talkie_Thoughts.mp3
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Back into the battle! Don’t worry, if anything goes wrong, Grace can rewind everything and they can try again – right? RIGHT?


Direct download: 224_WoD3_KotN_Invoking_My_Birthday.mp3
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If you don’t open the door, the door will open you… Wait that doesn’t make any sense.  The crew returns to the hotel to discuss the bombshell that Grace / Silverbell just dropped in their lap. Will it be an episode of nothing but discussion? Don’t count on it.


Direct download: 223_WoD3_KotN_Your_Face_Will_Attest.mp3
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A discussion in front of a door, research that answers some questions but not all. But most importantly, an answer to a question asked by the players back in 2010…

Direct download: 222_WoD3_KotN_Dont_Open_This_Door.mp3
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It's time to take it to the bad guys. Perhaps it's time to visit the castle..

Direct download: 221_WoD3_KotN_Witch_Busters.mp3
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Time to question the prisoner - or will he end up being another clueless pawn of the enemy? 

Direct download: 220_WoD3_KotN_True_Old_Gods.mp3
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With enough puzzle pieces to begin figuring things out. The crew sits down and tries to at least get the board of the puzzle figured out. Oh yeah, and there is a prison to be questioned..


Direct download: 219_WoD3_KotN_Kicked_in_the_Jimmy.mp3
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Can the crew keep it under control? Who is this cloaked gentleman and who is he working for?

Direct download: 218_WoD3_KotN_See_How_Information_is_Useful.mp3
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We attempt to take down the intruder again. Does it work better this time? Will everyone - hell, will anyone appreciate Grace / Silverbell? Has Chu Wandered off again? Listen in and find out!


Direct download: 217_WoD3_KotN_Go_With_Grace.mp3
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It's go time. There is a child to be saved, a shattered man to be stopped and a Cleveland past to be returning to.

Direct download: 216_WoD3_KotN_Mr_Dr_Clay_OR_There_is_no_Door.mp3
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We heal up (sorta) and quickly move to... no wait - we discuss and argue


Direct download: 215_WoD3_KotN_How_Dare_you_Sir.mp3
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Silverbell thinks she's found a way to talk to the lost members of the party. But how lost are they and where are they really?

Direct download: 214_WoD3_KotN_I27m_High_as_several_Kites.mp3
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Is it possible? Will Jay actually be able to cross off his "Bring the Squad back together" aspiration?

Direct download: 213_WoD3_KotN_Breaking_points_are_Bad.mp3
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Silverbell tries to drag the party back to the library, while Jay, Chu and Edgard attempt to escape the hedge..

Direct download: 212_WoD3_KotN_Which_I_Believe_is_Pimp.mp3
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Will the crew be able to find Jay, Edgard and Chu? Or are those three going to be forced to find their own way back to 1930something?

Direct download: 211_WoD3_KotN_Unhand_Me_Good_Sir.mp3
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Once again the party is split in two, but all members are desperately attempting to get back together. Or are they… Where did Silverbell  go and what is she up to?

Direct download: 210_WoD3_KotN_Bandelier_of_Useless_Bullshit.mp3
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Is Jay and Edgard really stuck in mirror world? Can the rest of the crew find them and help, or are they alone together, or alone... all alone.

Direct download: 209_WoD3_KotN_Mystical_Realm_of_Bullshit_Mirrors.mp3
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