The 2nd part of the break in at the Western Union Office. Can Jay de-cube Edgard? Will the rest of the crew show up in time to help?

Actual Play starts  20:06

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We open with Edmund face to face with the Shattered Man. Well... face to reflection. In the World of Darkness surely it was just a simple scare tactic.. right?

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It’s library time. Time to get some knowledge on the Shatteredman. At least for 4 of the party members. Two of the others are going off to grab a mirror from Western Union and Sister Katie is watching the kids – WHAT?!?!

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Silverbell is back, and is she really going to show us what she can do?

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Now it's the other two group's turn. What is the Sister up to? and what's going on up on Jack Ass Hill.

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