Task Force S.I.R.E.N. finds itself scattered across the farmstead. Each member dealing with his or her own set of harrowing issues.

Join us for several short scenes that significantly alter the course of the investigation.

Actual Play Starts 23:17

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The stone colonial. That silent, hunched sentinel has stood in harsh judgment as the task force struggled to reach its seemingly impenetrable walls. That monolithic shadow at the far end of the farmstead has dealt pain, anguish and fear in equal measures to friend and foe alike.

Its deafening silence. Its chimney benching foul smoke. Its broken windows with glass shards like angry teeth. The stone colonial has been waiting to devour any hunter who dares to enter its realm.

That wait is finally over.

Actual Play Starts 1:24

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The battle rages on but new complications abound.

What to do with children stranded in the middle of a battlefield?

Are the zombies a result of the task force's actions? And if that wasn't enough, certain creatures of the night make a reappearance at exactly the wrong moment.

All of this and another flashback with Michael Clay's favorite hacker advisory Binary Hex. Listen in...

Actual Play Starts 17:07

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The farmstead is, quite literally, going up in flames. As the fire gets hotter the task force is pushed to its limit, both physically and emotionally.

Decisions are made and consequences experienced.

The raid has reached a boiling point and there's no turning back now...

Actual Play Starts 12:27

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