So many pieces to the puzzle, how do they all fit together? Do they all fit together?? And who should the crew be looking for first?

Do they go after the missing Warden or is their new target the missing newborn? Will the ghost that haunts Allan allow him to do anything but search for her baby?

Actual Play starts at 5:45

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Allan attempts to get information from the ghost of Sarah Lemmons. But, Allan is a rather cold - by the book Warden. Will his friends be able to help him comfort this emotional spirit who has lost so much?

Actual Play starts at 14:07

Direct download: KOTN_72_DFRPG_2_10_Ghostly_Visions.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 4:38am EDT

The crew starts researching the clues found on Bill's day planner. But first, a stop at a local coffee house to discuss the plan of attack..

Actual Play starts at 02:27

Direct download: KOTN_71_DFRPG_2_9_House_Call.mp3
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The gang discusses the Wizards of the Coast's announcement that they are working on a new version of D&D.

Direct download: KOTN_70_RoundTable_DnD_5.mp3
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