There are many types of wounds in the World of Darkess. The haunting memories of a childhood gone terribly wrong. The pain of a bullet ripping skin and shattering bone.

In the next 10 seconds, Task Force S.I.R.E.N. will experience all of those and more. Come along for the ride but be sure to bring some extra bandages...

Acutal Play starts at 1:47

Direct download: KOTN_109_WOD2_Wounds.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 4:48pm EDT

Every fight has an ebb and flow unique to itself. Task Force S.I.R.E.N. - on it's heels from the very beginning - finally find their balance and press deeper into horrors of the farmstead.

The only question is: Did they push too far, too fast?

Actual Play starts at 10:11

Direct download: KOTN_108_WOD2_S.I.R.E.N_Strikes_Back.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:32pm EDT

The Feeder Demons have arrived en masse and a complicated situation grows more tenuous by the moment.
Michael Clay plums the depths of his occult knowledge to try and stem the demonic tide, while Sister Katie lends some magic of a less mundane sort.

But will it be enough to save the mission? And more importantly, will it be enough to save their souls?

Actual Play starts at 13:50

Direct download: KOTN_107_WOD2_Bloody_Knowledge.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:24pm EDT

How do you control your fear in the blackest of nights when you're miles from home and being targeted by an unseen sniper? When lifeless bodies are strapped to fencing as some type of demented warning? When a seemingly innocent woman in bleeding out before your very eyes? Well you'd best get a handle on it my friend because the demons can sense your fear and they'd like to join the party...

Actual Play starts at 26:17

Direct download: KOTN_106_WOD2_The_Scent_of_Fear.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 2:34pm EDT

A sniper attempts to pin down the Task Force at the farmstead's entrance. Before too much time has passed that single sniper is the least of the players' worries. As Daniel and Edgard forge further into the compound the sniper's echoing reports become a simple backdrop to an evening gone terribly awry.

13:25 Start of Actual Play

Direct download: KOTN_105_WOD2_Chaos.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:19pm EDT

Following Jay's orders the team cautiously approach the farmstead in the dead of night. But when point-man Edgard takes a single step onto the farmstead proper things turn dangerously violent in an instant...

Actual Play starts at 16:24:03

Direct download: KOTN_104_WOD2_First_Contact.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:22am EDT

Who is it that S.I.R.E.N is facing? What are they doing on a Chagrin farm and where is Michael Clay and his trusty Leatherman?!?!

Actual Play begins at 13:01

Direct download: KOTN_103_WOD2_Leatherman_101.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:18am EDT

The return to the World of Darkness Hunter storyline.

Task Force S.I.R.E.N. is back and we jump right into the middle of the action!

Direct download: KOTN_102_WOD2_en_Medias_Res.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:48am EDT

We answer questions from listeners and fans of the podcast.

Direct download: KOTN_101_DFRPG_Round_Table_Discussion.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 11:51am EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene - Wrap Up Discussion

The crew talks about their impression feelings on fate and Dresden Files RPG in general and the Delivery story line in particular. Plus feedback from the final episode from the fans!

Direct download: KOTN_100_DFRPG_Wrap_Up_Discussion.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 4:46pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene - Implosion

Actual Play starts at  8:06

The final episode of the Delivery Storyline

Direct download: KOTN_99_DFRPG_2_37_Implosion.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 2:53pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery

Scene - Perfidy or Kill Bill

Actual Play starts at 16:28

The battle has begun, and it quickly becomes deadly.
How does the group recover from last weeks sudden suprise?
Listen in and find out

Direct download: KOTN_97_DFRPG_2_36_Perfidy_or_Kill_Bill.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:18pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery

Scene - The Beginning of the End

Actual Play starts at 11:39

The battle lines are drawn, the sides picked (hopefully) and it's "Go" time.
The crew has thought of everything. Or have they?

Direct download: KOTN_97_DFRPG_2_35_The_Beginning_of_the_End.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 3:02pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene - Sword of no Sword

Actual Play starts at 7:09

It's time to check the weapons, double check that everyone is on the same page and then.. it's go time.

Direct download: KOTN_96_DFRPG_2_34_Sword_or_no_Sword.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 12:46pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene - Crispy Bruce

Actual Play starts at 12:03

Maxwell and Edmund head off to try and find Crispy Bruce and Megan and convince them to join the plan.

Direct download: KOTN_95_DFRPG_2_33_Crispy_Bruce.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 2:37pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene name:  Ok Here's the Plan

The group lays out the plan for the final scene, and everyone is on board.
Well... almost everyone.

Actual Play starts at 12:11

Kickstarter mentioned in the podcast was..

Perils of the Surface World
by Jeff Combos

Direct download: KOTN_94_DFRPG_2_32_ok_heres_the_plan.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 5:49pm EDT

Actual Play starts at 1:19

Are all the pieces in place? Is Abagail the last puzzle piece or just another complication that will double-cross them in the end?

Direct download: KOTN_93_DFRPG_2_31_Its_All_Coming_Together.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:47am EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene name:  The Other Rockefeller

The Crew meets with Abigail Rockefeller and find out she is just as formidable as her sister Constance.

Direct download: KOTN_92_DFRPG_2_30_The_other_Rockefeller.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:26am EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene - Enemy at the Gate

The team deals with a problem familiar to all parents - what to do with the baby when you want to go out on the town..

Actual Play starts at 15:54

Direct download: KOTN_91_DFRPG_2_29_Enemy_at_the_Gate.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:09pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene - Let's Make a Deal

London spends the majority of the episode drunk which tends to make him even more annoying than normal...

Actual Play starts at 6:11

Direct download: KOTN_90_DFRPG_2_30_Lets_Make_a_Deal.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:54pm EDT

Adventure - Delivery

Scene - Knock Knock

The crew is trying to decide the next course of action. The adventure is winding down and how do they end it in the safest manner?

Dealing with Character Secrets - starts 2:00

Actual Play starts at 8:50

Direct download: KOTN_89_DFRPG_2_29_Knock_Knock.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:08am EDT

Adventure - Delivery

Scene - Long Live the King

Roberto squares off in single combat vs the Ghoul King. Will the rest of the crew step in - will it be a blood bath? and what is London "up" to?

Actual Play starts 5:49

Direct download: KOTN_88_DFRPG_2_28_Long_Live_the_King.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 11:21am EDT

Adventrue - Delivery

Scene - Deal or No Deal

The baby in hand, the crew starts to have doubts about leaving the ghoul nest intact..

Actual Play begins 1:04

Direct download: KOTN_87_DFRPG_2_25_Deal_or_No_Deal.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 12:07am EDT

Adventure - Delivery

Scene - The Ghoul King

The Warden Allan is an expert with the sword, but can he survive a battle of words with the Ghoul King? And what of the baby Janus?

Actual Play starts at 7:44

Direct download: KOTN_86_DFRPG_2_24_Ghoul_King.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:37am EDT

Adventure - Delivery
Scene - Land Down Under

Allan taps into his feminine / ghostly side, and then it’s time for the gang to gather together and try to recover the missing baby..

Actual Play starts at 13:09

Direct download: KOTN_85_DFRPG_2_23_Land_Down_Under.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 12:14pm EDT

Tensions run high as the group comes back together. Now with a possible “friendly?” vampire on the loose, will the team be able to come up with a plan that won’t end with all their deaths?

Actual Play starts at 3:33

Direct download: KOTN_84_DFRPG_2_22_One_Quiet_Night.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:17am EDT

Maxwell decides to take matters into his own hands. After all, every life is sacred. And if a creature has a soul, it’s living – right?

Actual Play starts at 8:56

Direct download: KOTN_83_DFRPG_2_21_Release.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 2:29pm EDT

The gang is back together and having a meal at Tommy's in Coventry. But are they really back together, or about to split apart?

Actual Play starts at 2:32

Direct download: KOTN_82_DFRPG_2_20_Disagreements.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 2:49pm EDT

Allan and London make promises to Constance Rockefeller while Roberto, Maxwell and Edmund deal with both of their captive blackcourt vampires.

Actual Play starts at 8:45

Cast your vote for favorite character at!

Direct download: KOTN_81_DFRPG_2_19_Promises.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:54pm EDT

Allan finally confronts his mentor Bill Donavon and get’s answers to the questions he’s been asking – but will he like any of them?

How far has Donavon fallen? And will his actions drag down Allan as well?

Actual Play starts at 10:53

Cast your vote for favorite character at!

Direct download: KOTN_80_DFRPG_2_18_By_the_Sword.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 3:50pm EDT

Allan and London are in a battle of wits and words with Constance Rockefeller. A battle not only for the life of Allan’s lost mentor Bill, but possibly their own. 

Can Allan and London stay on the same side or will they self-destruct before Constance can destroy them?

Actual Play starts at - 11:25

Direct download: KOTN_79_DFRPG_2_17_Brinksmanship.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:26pm EDT

Roberto, Maxwell and Edmund finish questioning the Vampires and find out some very interesting information..

Allan and London get deeper and deeper into trouble as they search the Cleveland Clinic for Allan's lost mentor.

Actual Play starts at - 1:53

Direct download: KOTN_78_DFRPG_2_16_Punctuating_with_Punchs.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:24am EDT

Answer the Question!

The group splits up again as Maxwell and Roberto starts questioning Crispy Bruce and Ryan Nelson as London and Allan head off to track down the missing Warden William Donovan.

Actual Play starts at - 4:56

Direct download: KOTN_77_DFRPG_2_15_Answer_the_Question.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:32pm EDT

The battle of Hanna Theatre get's complicated as three sides via for the clues that
Ryan Nelson may or may not have..

It looks to be a tough fights..
Will the characters survive?
Will the Hanna Theatre survive?
Will London ever find a good radio station to listen to?

Actual Play starts at 1:00

Direct download: KOTN_76_DFRPG_2_14_London_Sees_the_Light.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:52am EDT

London has a tracking spell working on Big Bill's locaiton. A quick side trip to the Hanna Theatre can't take long.. can it?

Actual Play starts at 07:02

Direct download: KOTN_75_DFRPG_2_13_Life_is_a_Stage.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:15pm EDT

The group scatters in different directions looking for understanding of the clues they’ve collected so far. London and Allan attempt to track down the missing Warden.

Roberto and Maxwell head off to handle Roberto’s… problem.

While Edmund starts investigating and making a few calls..

actual play starts at 10:11

Direct download: KOTN_74_DFRPG_2_12_Capeesh.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 12:48pm EDT

So many pieces to the puzzle, how do they all fit together? Do they all fit together?? And who should the crew be looking for first?

Do they go after the missing Warden or is their new target the missing newborn? Will the ghost that haunts Allan allow him to do anything but search for her baby?

Actual Play starts at 5:45

Direct download: KOTN_73_DFRPG_2_11_Preparation.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 12:20pm EDT

Allan attempts to get information from the ghost of Sarah Lemmons. But, Allan is a rather cold - by the book Warden. Will his friends be able to help him comfort this emotional spirit who has lost so much?

Actual Play starts at 14:07

Direct download: KOTN_72_DFRPG_2_10_Ghostly_Visions.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 4:38am EDT

The crew starts researching the clues found on Bill's day planner. But first, a stop at a local coffee house to discuss the plan of attack..

Actual Play starts at 02:27

Direct download: KOTN_71_DFRPG_2_9_House_Call.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 3:31pm EDT

The gang discusses the Wizards of the Coast's announcement that they are working on a new version of D&D.

Direct download: KOTN_70_RoundTable_DnD_5.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:10am EDT

The crew goes over the notes found at Big Bills office (and you can too, a copy of the document can be found on our facebook page -

Is there a deeper meaning to the doodles of the missing Warden? Perhaps you can see something they can’t..

Actual Play starts at 05:03

Direct download: KOTN_69_DFRPG_2_8_The_Eyes_are_the_Windows.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:41am EDT

The gang gathers together and start to compile a list of what they know and where they should go next.

Allan makes a rather strange suggestion on how they can find his missing mentor..

Actual Play begins at 8:19

Direct download: KOTN_68_DFRPG_2_7_Magic_aint_pretty.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:57pm EDT

Allan, Max and Edmund go toe to toe with a couple of enemies and their little dogs too.

Actual Play begins at 1:06

Direct download: KOTN_67_DFRPG_2_6_First_Blood.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 5:09am EDT

The five friends gather together for the first time in many years.

Allan explains why he's returned to Cleveland.

Actual Play begins at 2:00

Direct download: KOTN_66_DFRPG_2_5_The_Gangs_all_here.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 1:25pm EDT





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