The Team is in the Vitamin Bee compound and trying to strike at the heart of the enemy – the Queen!

This is the penultimate episode of the Shit Luck Storyline. Will it end in victory or death?

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Emotions run high and nerves are stretched thin as the Task Force's S.I.R.E.N.'s final preparations are finished. Gear is equipped, weapons are locked and loaded, magic talismans are in hand. It's "go time."

For the first time the Task Force takes the fight to the enemy. The attack is multipronged and underway. The heroes are in the Vitamin Bee compound and finally bringing the heat into the heart of the hive.

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Task Force S.I.R.E.N execute their opening moves to their battle plan.. but as usual, not everyone is in agreement to what should be done. Will Special Agent Chu Park have the final laugh, or will Tammy Soong smooth talk Chu into a fatal mistake? The pieces are on the board, the open move has been made, the game promises to be quick and brutal.

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Even the best plans have their flaws. With their lives and the lives of countless innocents on line, the Task Force goes over it's battle plan one final time to make sure its as foolproof as possible. They use every power in their arsenal to clarify the weaknesses of their enemy. The final conflict is at hand.

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The Task Force is on the verge of their final assault against the enemy that has plagued them ever since coming to Cleveland. Questions are asked and debated as the Task Force calls upon hard-knock experience, the occult, the Church, a possibly magical knife, and even Winston Tate himself to get answers.
This is the beginning of the end-game.

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Task Force S.I.R.E.N. executes the raid on Benjamin's home in search of the ritual components they need to confront an even greater enemy. The Task Force must deal with magic, swarms of bees, gunplay, car chases, an accounting of their own morality, and a long night of surveillance..

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