The Task Force are able to unveil a bevy of secrets... but at what cost?

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As the storm intensifies the Task Force retreat into their second safehouse to investigate the apparent murder of their colleague, John Beamer. As they bind the likely murderer for questioning and perhaps worse, they realize that the path forward is not as clear as it seemed moments earlier...

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Task Force Siren finds themselves back at their second safe house. But can you really call a house filled with blood and gore safe? Will they be able to find clues to help explain what happened? Listen in as they try to put the pieces together and analyze what really happened to John Beamer...

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The Task Force returns to their "safehouse" to find a familiar vagrant who collapses before them. The Task Force takes him into custody and brings him inside the safehouse, only to discover a grisly aftermath inside. Powers are invoked, secrets are revealed, and the Task Force comes face to snout with a deadly foe. 

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Chu Park, on the run after escaping a deadly ambush, finally returns to the Task Force. He's much the worse for wear and brings dire warnings. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Dr. Lucius is alerted to the situation and quickly steps in to manage the damage. Dangerously exposed and compromised the Task Force retreats to their safehouse hoping to sort out the recent turn of events.

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Jade finally delivers on the Task Force's request for data on the headquarters of Vitamin Bee. A horrible history of blood, sacrifice, and murder unfolds...

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