The Task Force members separate to run down leads on the Vitamin Bee company. Two hunters, off on their own, suddenly find themselves in a struggle of survival: One fights for his own life, while the other fights to save a friend’s life, again.

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In the safety of the library’s special collection, the Task Force researches an ancient relic and realizes that even the library can hold unexpected dangers...

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Exhausted and harried by Vitamin Bee (we think), the new day brings two rays of hope.

First, Ethan has emerged from his coma. Perhaps he can explain why he drove his car into the restaurant.

Second, an old friend leads the Task Force to a special archive that might reveal clues to the purpose of the mysterious bee idol.

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Safehouse two leaves a bit to be desired. Ok, it's a dump. But its a major improvement over the smoking pile of rubble they just left behind. The Task Force start planning their next move and are interuppted by a mysterious phone call. Listen in as the hunters become the hunted...

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Bloody and beaten, Task Force S.I.R.E.N. broods over last night's engagement. One of their own barely clings to life the Lutheran Hospital's burn ward. Now that they are down a member, the boss, Winston Tate, has called up a "specialist" to fill in. Listen as Task Force S.I.R.E.N. welcomes Sister Katie O'Connor, the pistol-packing, hot rod driving, dog-loving nun to the team.
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One Min Promo for Knights of the Night Actual Play

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