The 4 players split into 3 teams of two people each. Huh? How is THAT possible? Well.. One NPC helps out and one player plays two characters - madness!

Direct download: 351_DFRPG_Transdimensional_Pub_Crawl.mp3
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Episode 350! Seven and 1/2 years of KotN.
That's a lot of years.. I hope you all enjoyed them as much as we have.

Direct download: 350_DFRPG_Im_Down_for_Scoobie_Doo.mp3
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Roberto is in trouble, deep trouble. But I'm sure it will all work out - right?

Direct download: 348_DFRPG_Order_of_Shit_Hitting_Fan.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:00pm EST

Oh, it's getting real now. But don't worry, I'm sure it will all end well...

Direct download: 347_DFRPG_Quit_Bullying_the_villians.mp3
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Steven returns. Is it's possible his pictures will show the group something interesting??

Direct download: 346_DFRPG_Supernatural_Uber_Dude.mp3
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The group splits again, and get some stuff done!

Direct download: 345_DFRPG_Thats_Arbitrary_I_like_it.mp3
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Regroup time. What the heck is going on here. What is the one TRUE universe? Or is there a true universe?

Direct download: 344_DFRPG_Look_Daddy_I_Love_Him.mp3
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Trapped in Under Grounds - and Maxwell... oh Maxwell - did he make a costly mistake?

Direct download: 343_DFRPG_Going_Nightcrawler_on_Us.mp3
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Who is that at the door? oh damn... look, over there - meep meep vooom

Direct download: 342_DFRPG_Edmund_Has20Insurance_Right.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:26pm EST

It's time to talk to Anna. The Impossible girl. Daughter of a non-existant man..

Actual Play begins 2:47

Direct download: 341_DFRPG_Lemons_out_of_Lemonaid.mp3
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