It's time for the Haserot Angel to answer some questions. What will the characters find out?

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A visit to a brown stone, and a certain cemetery 

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Roberto is back and has news about the 4th nail. And Reppa and Allan get all alchemicy.

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First feedback only episode. The normal AP will be out shortly.


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The Warden does some info gathering and meets wunderkin Detective Ferris. And Maxwell goes on a hunt for Zelda..

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What is happening? Roberto is....

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The Warden has been silent - what has he been up to?

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Reppa and the Warden brought some of the Never Never back to Cleveland - that's a good thing.. right?

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All hands on deck at the Warden’s house.

Direct download: 356_DFRPG_Get_thee_to_a_Nunnery.mp3
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Blood sucking, Births, Theft and Soul Gazing

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