Episode 6 of The Tales from the Loop story - Red Eyes


Other possible titles for this episode were.

A Bat That Clows When Orcs Are Nearby
Go Home and Have a Cookie
I Believe
Somebody's Weasel
It's a Map of the Loop
Tell Me More, Tell Me More
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Episode 5 of the Tales From the Loop story line. Other possible titles for this episode were.


Twelve Year Late SIDs Incident

The Red Eyed Robot

Doilies on Her Doilies

Quick Call CPS

Cop Show - Lucas and Nils

Ceramic Clowns

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Episode 4 of the Tales From the Loop storyline. Other possible titles for this episode were.


Goonies Achieved
So Let's go start a fire
con one Encylopedia Brown
Mr Roboto Dance
Black Magic 88
What Anime is This?
It's the Ruskies


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Third episode of the Tales from the Loop storyline. We are joined by the book worm (Mike) Nils.

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Welcome to the 80s that never was. Kids on bike, solving mysteries - what can be more fun that that?

Other possible titles for this episode.

Japan or New Jersey or Something
It's Called Jousting
Bury Him with Ranger Rick
A Marvel "What If"
She's Seth Hot
New Bones for the Clubhouse

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Welcome to the 80s that never was. Kids on bike, solving mysteries - what can be more fun that that?

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The 2nd half of the 2nd Lasers & Feelings game. Enjoy.

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The 2nd Laser and Feelings play through - or at least the first half.


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Welcome to the Streets of Avalon, an urban city actual play created and DMed by Brett B who puts the B in Gaming and BS, with Tom Flanagan of the Knights of the Night, Kevin Lovecraft – the glue of MMP and G&BS and member of the Pocket Sized Play AP, Chris Sniezak of MMP, and Emily Morgan of She’s a Super Geek. Enjoy and please, provide feedback as we’re learning and going to get better at this as we move forward.

Sounds from the Public Domain

Editing & Sound Engineering by Chris Sniezak

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KotN plays a light hearted game of Lasers and Feelings.

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