Roses and Thorns - Listeners questions and more

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The Final episode of the Strangers Storyline. Anger, Frustration, Death and a Voice...

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Things come to a boil and there are demons.. lots of demons

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The gang gathers at Edmund's office, but one of them disappears. Where are they, what are they doing?

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Questions are asked, both by people and demons. Answer and favors are the result

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Question time, two prisoners, lots of questions

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Two battles, taking place on opposite sides of Cleveland. The entire crew vs both Black and White court vampires. And Roberto fighting his own battle.. again.

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The Warden is ready to confront Maxwell. I'm sure this will go well..

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It's time for the Haserot Angel to answer some questions. What will the characters find out?

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A visit to a brown stone, and a certain cemetery 

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