Come join our fan page on facebook and help pick the next title. Other possible titles for this episode were.

I've Seen Floor Plans
Just Dial 9
Bond Villians are Assholes
"MY" Field Agents

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Action time - lots of guns, deaths and suprises

Direct download: 410_NBA_Doctors_With_Guns.mp3
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It may give you a clue on what happens in this episode - other possible titles were..

  • We All Have Dirt on Each Other
  • You Can't Shoot My Mom!
  • Provide Data Expertise While Handcuffed to a Chair
  • Secret Agent Book Keeper
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We are back! and spend a bit of time outlining what we are going to do - and then..Sarai gets busy

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An explanation on what's going on with KotN - and spoiler - we are NOT pod fading.

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Come join our fan page on facebook and help pick the next title. Other possible titles for this episode were.

I'm About to Learn What Kind of Bullets He Uses
Bitcoin Might Work
Pave the Earth Foundation
Viper I need your Help!
Are All These Pieces Fitting Together?

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A short episode - sorry - but questions asked and some answered

Direct download: 405_NBA_Last_Time_I_Saw_You_You_Exploded_All_Over_Me.mp3
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Jungle and a social gathering - which is more dangerous?



Direct download: 404_NBA_Haliburton_Contractors.mp3
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The party is split - 3 ways. And strange unexpected things / people keep showing up..

Direct download: 403_NBA_Unmute_Me_AXXhole.mp3
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Cryptid hunting and party going. So many things we didn't expect..

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The party splits up and heads off to different locations. Leaving Madison alone on the boat. Nothing could possible go wrong... right?

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The gang answers feedback questions and just talks about 9 plus years of playing games for release on the podcast. Enjoy

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Finish up on Island one and move on to island two. So many islands..

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Come join our fan page on facebook and help pick the next title. Other possible titles for this episode were.

*** The Gods must be Crazy
*** She Groks
*** Do They grow Babble-fish?
*** I'm here to spend points of Networking
*** I want a Bribe

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We continue were we left off last time - sort of - there is suddenly a helicopter in the sky. This can't be good..

If possible, please checkout the gofundme at - Luke's Go Fund Me

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The team needs to lose the people chasing them and destroy the train they are leaving.

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Come join our fan page on facebook and help pick the next title. Other possible titles for this episode were.

** Briefed very Briefly
** This is Whispering?
** Catches it with his Face
** Potatoeheads waiting for Us
** Do a Jack Kennedy
** Infiltrating the Water

Sorry this episode is so short and so late - work.. not kind this past week.

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How does one get out of England when they are being hunted? Listen in and find out

Direct download: 394_NBA_Series_of_Canals_in_Arizona.mp3
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We return to the main story line of the Night Black Agents adventure Space Bar. The Crew is in London and just had a nasty surprise dropped in their lap.

Direct download: 393_NBA_Wish_I_Could_Interrupt_You_With_Another_Grenade.mp3
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This is our final episode of the Streets of Avalon adventure that Brett from Gaming and BS ran for us. When last we left, the band of rogues had decided that taking cutters money and getting his out of town was a better idea. Let's listen in and see how true that was.

Direct download: 392_SoA_Magic_Happens_Dont_Judge_Me.mp3
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