It's time to pretend we are investors and see what info we can find out.


Direct download: 383_NBA_You_Detect_Your_Own_Bullshit.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:58pm EST

Drones, Ninjas on Ninjas action, and the attractiveness of accents..

Direct download: 382_NBA_Captain_Kirk_Chop_to_the_Neck.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 11:09pm EST

It's time to do the spy thing and see what we can find out.
Impersonating an Agent of the FBI - That won't get us in trouble - will it?

Direct download: 381_NBA_Its_Illegal_I_Checked.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:25pm EST

We look at the drive for information and this leads us to a number of possibilities..

Direct download: 380_NBA_Nevermore.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:14pm EST

Feedback only episode 10/08/18

AP episode will follow in a few days.

Direct download: KotN_Feedback_002.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:13pm EST

Oni/Madison has a drive she need to decode and Elliot is going to help her get the job done. Carter in the mean while, is going to play the part of a Vet

Direct download: 379_NBA_Subdural_Hematoma.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:21pm EST

It's time to start digging in and finding clues. A few members are missing (real life and all) but we push forward.

Direct download: 378_NBA_It_Doesnt_Work_on_Dead_People.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:22pm EST

Chase time - Sergeant Slaughter is going down!

Direct download: 377_NBA_Toms_a_fool.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 5:27pm EST

Character introduction and a quick combat.

Direct download: 376_NBA_Bad_Yelp_Review.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:28pm EST

Monster of the week review

Direct download: 375_MotW_Monster_Of_The_Week_Review.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:58pm EST

Part 3/3 of the Monster of the week story - The A.R.C arc.

Direct download: 374_MotW_Goverment_Appointed_20Best_Friend.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:28pm EST

Part 2/3 in the Monster of the week story - The A.R.C. arc.

Direct download: 373_MotW_Licking_Magic.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 3:00pm EST

The Crew starts a mini adventure using Monster of the Week.

Direct download: 372_MotW_Have_I_Shown_You_My_Staff.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:42pm EST

Roses and Thorns - Listeners questions and more

Direct download: 371_DFRPG_Were_The_Expanded_Universe_Now.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:20pm EST

The Final episode of the Strangers Storyline. Anger, Frustration, Death and a Voice...

Direct download: 370_DFRPG_Falling_at_the_speed_of_Plot.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:22pm EST

Things come to a boil and there are demons.. lots of demons

Direct download: 369_DFRPG_Youre_On_My_To_Do_List.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:14pm EST

The gang gathers at Edmund's office, but one of them disappears. Where are they, what are they doing?

Direct download: 368_DFRPG_Big_Security_Flaw_Be_T_Dubs.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:50pm EST

Questions are asked, both by people and demons. Answer and favors are the result

Direct download: 367_DFRPG_We_Will_Burn_That_Bridge_As_We_Cross_It.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:55pm EST

Question time, two prisoners, lots of questions

Direct download: 366_DFRPG_Both_Prime_And_Alpha.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:37pm EST

Two battles, taking place on opposite sides of Cleveland. The entire crew vs both Black and White court vampires. And Roberto fighting his own battle.. again.

Direct download: 365_DFRPG_Talke_To_Me_Goose.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:32pm EST

The Warden is ready to confront Maxwell. I'm sure this will go well..

Direct download: 364_DFRPG_Everyone_Has_A_Glow_Stick.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 5:41pm EST

It's time for the Haserot Angel to answer some questions. What will the characters find out?

Direct download: 363_DFRPG_Officer_I_Did_Not_Eat_That_Man.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:59pm EST

A visit to a brown stone, and a certain cemetery 

Direct download: 362_DFRPG_They_Suck_In_Every_Reality.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 5:48pm EST

Roberto is back and has news about the 4th nail. And Reppa and Allan get all alchemicy.

Direct download: 361_DFRPG_Had_Me_at_Werewolf.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:39pm EST

First feedback only episode. The normal AP will be out shortly.


Direct download: KotN_Feedback_001.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:53pm EST

The Warden does some info gathering and meets wunderkin Detective Ferris. And Maxwell goes on a hunt for Zelda..

Direct download: 360_DFRPG_Ow21_My_Pride.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 10:29pm EST

What is happening? Roberto is....

Direct download: 359_DFRPG_See_outside_the_consensus_Reality.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:56pm EST

The Warden has been silent - what has he been up to?

Direct download: 358_DFRPG_So_I_can_kill_humans_without_Magic.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:24pm EST

Reppa and the Warden brought some of the Never Never back to Cleveland - that's a good thing.. right?

Direct download: 357_DFRPG_Cancer_Panther.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:58pm EST

All hands on deck at the Warden’s house.

Direct download: 356_DFRPG_Get_thee_to_a_Nunnery.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 11:40pm EST

Blood sucking, Births, Theft and Soul Gazing

Direct download: 355_DFRPG_Four_levels_of_NO.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:26pm EST

Most of the full crew is back. And boy are some of them in bad shape..

Direct download: 354_DFRPG_Pain_Train_Coming.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 5:00pm EST

Part two of the special episode - and the best explanation is... trouble, trouble, trouble

Direct download: 353_DFRPG_What_Kind_of_Porn_did_you_sign_me_up_For.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:47pm EST

Two players, three characters and a GM. Only two? This will be so boring - oh wait, it's Roberto? Maxwell? oh crap...

Direct download: 352_DFRPG_Can_You_NOT_Tell_Him_The_Plan.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 2:57pm EST

The 4 players split into 3 teams of two people each. Huh? How is THAT possible? Well.. One NPC helps out and one player plays two characters - madness!

Direct download: 351_DFRPG_Transdimensional_Pub_Crawl.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 8:19pm EST

Episode 350! Seven and 1/2 years of KotN.
That's a lot of years.. I hope you all enjoyed them as much as we have.

Direct download: 350_DFRPG_Im_Down_for_Scoobie_Doo.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:43pm EST

Tomin find some interesting and scary information. And a crazy idea or two is put into action

Direct download: 349_DFRPG_Demonic20Photobomb.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:48pm EST

Roberto is in trouble, deep trouble. But I'm sure it will all work out - right?

Direct download: 348_DFRPG_Order_of_Shit_Hitting_Fan.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 6:00pm EST

Oh, it's getting real now. But don't worry, I'm sure it will all end well...

Direct download: 347_DFRPG_Quit_Bullying_the_villians.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:49pm EST

Steven returns. Is it's possible his pictures will show the group something interesting??

Direct download: 346_DFRPG_Supernatural_Uber_Dude.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:00pm EST

The group splits again, and get some stuff done!

Direct download: 345_DFRPG_Thats_Arbitrary_I_like_it.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 7:11pm EST





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