Regroup time. What the heck is going on here. What is the one TRUE universe? Or is there a true universe?

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Trapped in Under Grounds - and Maxwell... oh Maxwell - did he make a costly mistake?

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Who is that at the door? oh damn... look, over there - meep meep vooom

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It's time to talk to Anna. The Impossible girl. Daughter of a non-existant man..

Actual Play begins 2:47

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The Warden rejoins the group and tried and get a grasp on this whole Reppa thing..

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More clues are falling into place. Maxwell does some detecting and discovers something confusing..

Actual Play 4:32

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I imagine you are wondering what's going on - well.. so are the players. And they are trying to figure it out this episode.

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Where Did I Get A Velvet Elvis From?

The crew battles a new world black court vampire and Reppa has time to research a bit..

Actual Play begins 9:20

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Return to the Dresden that never was..

Reppa seems a bit confused..

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The game is over, time to talk about what we liked and what we didn't.

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