Clean up time after the battle, what’s that in the pit?

And then it’s time to move on – but to where and how?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!

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One way or another the combat end this episode. Will Teela be able to enjoy a quiet pieceful lunch? Lets find out.

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The gang gathers around the wagon as the spider digs back under the sand. But what are all those figures moving around the dunes?

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With possible foes skulking behind sand dunes on ever side, naturally the first attack comes from….. Well, that would be a spoiler wouldn’t it.

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The crew discusses what to do about/with Teela – and the cracks begin to show..

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Teela is looking for a late night snack. She just can't figure out what all the fuss is about...

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One little tied up ravage bear vs the entire party - what can possibly go wrong?

Transhuman web series mentioned in the feedback can be found at -

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A few final purchases and then the group leaves the city of Serenity behind them – but they’ve brought a bigger problem along with them and the time to deal with it is quickly approaching

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The crew has their mission and a few shins to equip themselves. What will they need and what really is the story behind their missions, surely it’s not as simple as it seems..

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The crew is brought before the leader of Serenity and he discusses their future.  Can they avoid being sent back to the salt mines? Or does their future hold something more interesting things..

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