Allan returns to Cleveland after a length absence as the acting Warden, filling in for his missing mentor and friend William Donovan.  It’s been more than a few years, but it looks like it’s time to get the gang back together and start poking around..

Feedback/Holiday Wishes: 1:17

Actual Play begins at 1:36

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Category:RPG -- posted at: 9:49am EST

The group creates their character and run through the aspect creation process.

Feedback: 0:00

Actual Play begins at 4:29

Direct download: KOTN_64_DFRPG_2_3_Delivery_Character_Build.mp3
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The crew continues the design and creation of the city of Cleveland in the Dresden Files RPG.

This episode covers locations of the city, and the player map out their character ideas.

Actual Play begins at 4:30.

Direct download: KOTN_63_DFRPG_2_2_Delivery_City_Build2.mp3
Category:RPG -- posted at: 11:20am EST

The crew designs and creates the city of Cleveland in the Dresden Files RPG.

This episode covers the three main threats / themes of the city, and a few of the players start to form ideas for their characters.

Direct download: KOTN_62_DFRPG_2_1_Delivery_City_Build.mp3
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This week I have a discussion with Mark (age 10) and Megan (age 16) about their RPG gaming history. Which games they like best and why.

Direct download: KOTN_61_Teach_Your_Kid_To_Game.mp3
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The crew discusses their first impression of Dresden Files RPG and RPGs in general.

We also share a few bits of listener feedback.

Direct download: KOTN_60_DFRPG_1-10_DFRPG_Talk.mp3
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The final episode of the Neutral Grounds series.

The group deals with the Ghouls but did they get there in time to save Diane?

Direct download: KOTN_59_DFRPG_1-9_Long_Staff_of_the_Law.mp3
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After taking care of Park Ranger Walker, the group moves into the fort and down into the tunnels..

Direct download: KOTN_58_DFRPG_1-8_In_For_The_Kill.mp3
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The team heads towards a final confrontation with the enemy.

But their alliance is starting to fray a bit around the edges.

Direct download: KOTN_57_DFRPG_1-7_The_B_Team.mp3
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The group believes they’ve located the home of the man pulling the strings on the murders at the neutral grounds -  but is he in trouble, or are they? And where is Diane?

Direct download: KOTN_56_DFRPG_1-6_Blow_Your_House_Down.mp3
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