Enjoy part two of the Streets of Avalon story line.

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We are back after a month off of play time. The night of the ardent masks continue. And let me tell you about the end of the episode...

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Episode Zero of the streets of Avalon 


Brett, Kevin, Emily, Chris and Tom - from the Wednesday Night Podcast All Stars!


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Round table discussion about iconic characters - favorite characters to play and when you think of ? you think of the character ??

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Happy Holidays and welcome to the Streets of Avalon, an urban city actual play created and DMed by Brett B who puts the B in Gaming and BS, with Tom Flanagan of the Knights of the Night, Kevin Lovecraft – the glue of MMP and G&BS, Chris Sniezak of MMP, and Emily Morgan of She’s a Super Geek. Enjoy and please, provide feedback as we’re learning and going to get better at this as we move forward.

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So what happens when the narrator crowd sources the group for a Doom card - oh then it gets real good.. 

Actual Play Starts 2:56



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All players are in attendance and the Mad Duke must be dealt with!

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Parvana and Amos deal with The Mad Duke,  while C6 and Weston maneuver against Sir Targent Cross III.

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The 2nd session of Night of the Ardent Mask. The Ball is interrupted by a scream..

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The 2nd half of our first playing sessions.

In the feedback we mention the playest at Acadecon. Hydro Hackers - find it at http://www.encodeddesigns.com/h2o/

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