The penultimate episode of the Echoes story line. London loses some serious geek cred


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The attack on the Dome continues. And London deals with his greatest enemy - EVER

Actual Play begins 16:59

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The assault on the Dome begins...

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Almost all the Allies and even some Enemies have signed up to help. Just a few more..

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I love how this episode is bookended by Roberto and London ā€“ almost the same scene but oh so very differentā€¦


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Planning time over, time to gather the troops! Everyone must be convinced to chip in. Iā€™m sure Roberto will be able to smooth talk everyone into helping ā€“ right?

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Sorry about the quality on this one - the ocean is loud and this was recorded while at the beach in NC with the family.
Staring two young, up and coming role players. 

Kotn Next Gen! 

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The Card reading if over, not time to discuss what it means and how that works into the plan 

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It takes all 5 of the players to fill in for Zelda (it's Tarot card reading time).


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Will the Warden turn in the 3 Stoogies (suprisngly not Roberto) or will he find a way to avoid spilling his guts to an authority figure.

Yeah.... right.

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